Tesla model 3 production about to start

Tesla recently published news about upgrading their facility for production of so much anticipated Tesla 3. Well, at least by the people who already prepaid subscription fee for the privilege of being among the first persons to drive this car. Oh, and, I must admit, also by me. I think that the future of Tesla depends on the success of this car. Elon Musk seems to bet on one card only every single time.

And, you might ask, why do I care? I am very enthusiastic about AI and automation, and I see this action as a crucial step which can change the situation and force all other players to do the same thing and replace workers with robots. Because they could not compete with someone, who needs only a fraction of the workforce and get something willing to produce 24/7 without complaints and high quality.

Well, don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against workers who like working in sweatshops but my suspicion is that they are not so many. If enough of them will have their contract terminated then it might be better for them – it should force the politicians to some immediate action.

However, the most important piece in this is for me the push to adopt, develop and deploy new technology on a large scale. In a real, practical application which has nothing to do with banking, websites, online advertisements or social networks. You know, something that will advance the society forward.

So, and this should start in about a week. We will see in a matter of months how much real my scenario is.

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