Post work & singularity life

Have you ever wondered what you would be doing in the post work era? I did 🙂 You would not guess so, right?

I would like to study everything I ever wanted to know, and I will have my personal digital teacher who will monitor my progress and correct my mistakes on the fly. The software should better be well written because my focus tends to jump from topic to topic and I expect nothing less than to have the dictator to fix it for me.

There can be some actual problems to be resolved every day – for example, demonstrations against the widespread use of robotic systems and artificial intelligence. Problems with drug addicts and alcoholics might also be much more profound. However, Robocops will take care, so simply put – this would be easy to resolve 🙂

With so much time to burn, most people would choose to visit and discover the beauties of foreign countries. Hmm, either that or traveling with virtual reality. Which depending on the quality of the image and the overall experience might be even better/safer/faster than doing it in real life.

That brings me to next phase. At first, people will start spending time in “classical” type of virtual reality – I mean the one with glasses and motion sensors. Later this becomes not immersive enough. I think it was at one conference with Elon Musk when he proposed nanorobots with capabilities to map interconnections and functions of individual neurons. Well, and of the map, it is just a short way towards a full person simulation inside some cloud on steroids.

Now big problems appear. Learning and traveling in virtual domain takes almost no time at all. It is only dependent on the speed of the underlying computing layer. The beings whose existence is now transferred to a whole new domain will be eager to amuse themselves. So they decide to devote their time to do scientific research on an unimaginable scale and pace. Probably space travel as well. At least some probes will leave our solar system and collect data to slake ours thirst for data.

Alternatively, they might follow a different path and address the needs of our lizard brain. The vast computing power and heritage of generations would be thrown into a black pit and wasted as a neverending porn movie or some decadent scene from the times of Roman Empire.

Or, everyone might create their version of the universe, with own rules and initial conditions and start the fun all over again as a weird God.

Be it as it might, I hope I will be living long enough to see what will be the correct answer.

Tesla model 3 production about to start

Tesla recently published news about upgrading their facility for production of so much anticipated Tesla 3. Well, at least by the people who already prepaid subscription fee for the privilege of being among the first persons to drive this car. Oh, and, I must admit, also by me. I think that the future of Tesla depends on the success of this car. Elon Musk seems to bet on one card only every single time.

And, you might ask, why do I care? I am very enthusiastic about AI and automation, and I see this action as a crucial step which can change the situation and force all other players to do the same thing and replace workers with robots. Because they could not compete with someone, who needs only a fraction of the workforce and get something willing to produce 24/7 without complaints and high quality.

Well, don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against workers who like working in sweatshops but my suspicion is that they are not so many. If enough of them will have their contract terminated then it might be better for them – it should force the politicians to some immediate action.

However, the most important piece in this is for me the push to adopt, develop and deploy new technology on a large scale. In a real, practical application which has nothing to do with banking, websites, online advertisements or social networks. You know, something that will advance the society forward.

So, and this should start in about a week. We will see in a matter of months how much real my scenario is.