About me


Hi, my name is Karel, and I live in Czech republic. That’s in central Europe in case you’re wondering 🙂 To date, I stay in in Prague with my girlfriend but were both from other parts of the country.

Btw., I’m now an old student returning from commercial sphere back to academia. Big business is not exactly my way of living. Nevertheless, I’ve spent several years in big companies as a software developer in various languages like Java, PHP, SQL or Python.

I’ve decided to start my blog for several reasons.
One is practicing written English which is in my case, as you might see as you read further, not on the best level ever. So the goal is to improve it by writing a lot of texts.

Secondly, my memory is weak, and the internet is a great tool to preserve things – as long as you’re paying for that, of course 🙂

And last but not least, it would be great to get some money from it. But this is mainly an experiment – just to see if and how does it works.

Can you be a better writer than 68 percent of the rest?

So you’ve decided to start a blog, right? And eventually, plan to make some money from it? You’ve got the general knowledge about how web pages work, learned and tried to create several pages in WordPress.
Sure why not. But there are some things to consider.

Even bloggers make studies on themselves

There was a study published in 2015 about the blogger population. The survey was conducted on a sample of more than 50 participants (mostly women). The majority of them had a bachelor or higher education and were between 30 and 50 years.
So it isn’t exactly broad selection and of course, the answer might not be entirely sincere, but it can give you a good start to learn how things look like in the industry.

The most important figure for me in there is 68%. The number shows the proportion which makes less than $5,000 annually. Hence, one must either cut the expenses quite strictly to make living out of this, use the money just as a secondary source of cash or be in the upper third (and preferably better) and earn incredible amounts.

The good news is that people mostly follow the part-time approach – and yet, they still make something interesting. In fact, the study says that 55% of the people spend 5-20 hours a week writing about stuff to blogs.

If we look to blog topics which are mostly covered by the authors, it is correlated with things interesting to the group of survey participants – parenting & family, lifestyle, food & drink, health and reviews.

So, to make sub-conclusion from this, if you just want to write something about things you care about and do not rely on it as a primary source of income, it might work for you. Or at least pay you the bill for the web page.
That said, of course, doesn’t mean that you cannot be among the top paid bloggers, it just seems less probable to be there within several years.

This fun costs money as well

Price stamp could be put on almost everything and writing blog is no exception. That’s obvious, right? The web space where you’ll put the pages is for a couple of dollars a month.

But the most expensive asset you might quickly forget by mistake is the time that must be invested. And while it might take several hours to create one post, it can be an expensive investment. Well, this is, in the end, the reason, why companies pay significant compensations to the copy writers for producing the content instead.

Number of words in post

Elsewhere on the internet can be found an article talking about optimal post length while being on the “the longer, the better” side.

To be honest, I do not sympathize with this line of thinking. Although the main argument, that search engines would put the post in a better position – which is the ultimate goal – is probably valid, internally I do not resonate with the idea that the essence should be wrapped in bollocks just because it will make the text several times longer.

But to be fair, this is just my personal thought and isn’t backed by any research.

Hmm, that seems like that I’m intentionally prolonging the issue, right? Damned! 🙂

A note (not only) for the future me

Finally, I should note down that I’m in the same position right now, so this is something like a letter for future myself – who’ll be making fun of the guy from the past.
But! Do you remember how slim and beautiful were you that time? 🙂